Will Stanley

Upload video to Instagram from a computer

August 3, 2013

I’m going to be showing you how to upload video from your computer to instagram, on any iOS device.

Note: You can now upload video straight from the Instagram app.

Things you will need:

Video editing software (I’m using Premier Pro CS6)
Latest version of Instagram on an iOS device

Rendering your video:

The video must be 15 seconds or less.

Rendering your video:

The width and height of the video must be 640.
Must be in a H.264 format.
The frame rate needs to 30fps or less.
The maximum bitrate needs to be 2.5mbps or less.
The audio must be mono and at 32000Hz.

Changing the file extension:

Once your video has rendered you need to change the extension to .mov.

Uploading to instagram:

You need to go to instagram and shoot a 15 second video. Before you upload the video, you need to turn on Airplane Mode. Once you have Airplane mode on, go back to instagram and upload the video, this should fail (that’s what we want to happen).

With your phone still in Airplane mode, connect it to your computer via usb and open iFunbox.

In iFunbox, navigate to UserApplications /Instagram/ Library/ ApplicationSupport/ Instagram/Videos

You will now be at a page that looks like this:

Now, move the video you want to upload to that folder, then copy and paste the name of the file that is already there, its end extension will be .mov.locked

After making sure you have copied the full name, with the extension, delete that file and rename the video that you have just moved into that folder.

You can now disconnect your phone, turn off Airplane mode and then click the arrow to retry the upload.

And that’s it, your video will upload.

Note: The cover photo that you choose will remain the same.